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Digital Works: Fullbodies
One character per drawing, fully colored and all details included.

 May request shading, otherwise none shall be applied.

Any character can be requested, +600 points per character.
Digital Works: Busts
One character per drawing, fully colored and all details included.

Due to my style, minimal to no shading shall be included, but backgrounds may be requested free of charge (within reason).

Any character can be requested, I only have dragons as examples at the moment!
+200 points per extra character.


Commission - Devil Boy by WhiteFoxCub Commission - Devil Boy :iconwhitefoxcub:WhiteFoxCub 327 9 H E L L O --  H E R O ! by MiCKKeH H E L L O -- H E R O ! :iconmickkeh:MiCKKeH 47 5 Legend of Zelda - LINK by khaoskai Legend of Zelda - LINK :iconkhaoskai:khaoskai 876 27 Sunshine by Aspean Sunshine :iconaspean:Aspean 8 0 Iara by Hanjamuffin Iara :iconhanjamuffin:Hanjamuffin 87 6
Breeder Part Three
Part Three
Storm awakes to a sound that's new to his ears; it's the lifting whistle of a little yellow bird. It has taken a perch just outside the vines that compose his 'doorway' and is twittering away. Not that he can see the little bird through the veined archway, no. Storm hears the sound, and promptly buries his head into the large mound of furs that make up his bed on a raised platform in his new home. The cave is a marvel really, the floor is covered in plush brown furs, and the walls were covered in a rainbow of flowing vines. There are a few other platforms, each a different height that juts from the walls, each 'shattered' with a different colored crystal, all with a smooth curved edge.
The twittering doesn't stop, and Storm damns his advanced hearing as he peeks over the edge of his furs. He does not want to wake up, his wings are sore, his tail hurts, his teeth hurt, every bloody thing hurts, but he can smell somthing that makes his mouth water...
So, with a groan,
:icontaleweavernlm:TaleweaverNLM 21 24
Breeder Part One
Part One
The facility was known for selling out a variety of healthy, beautiful, fertile, and exotic colored Breeders. Even Eliza has to admit that the reputation is well earned as she walks by the numerous displays of Breeding Drachs. Many of the humanoid beings flare their frills to her, each display habitat giving a decent job of showing their personality and abilities. She watches as one, a male in a display made to appear as a small glade, flares his frills and runs his hands upon the grass causing it to erupt into a multitude of brightly colored flowers. She simply smiles at the youth before continuing.
Her own Drach, a large male with tanned skin and black and grey scales with a body that made even other alpha Drachs jealous named Sable, lets out a rumble as they listen to the owner of the facility. He is in an overly expensive looking outfit of golds and purples that clash horribly with his drown hair and green eyes but show just how much he made from breeding his stock
:icontaleweavernlm:TaleweaverNLM 31 15
Mature content
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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Being (Or Bing) here, finally returned from a hiatus to jazz up and streamline my account once more!

Flight Rising - a virtual pet sim based on dragons- is my jam, hit me up there (under the same user), I'm almost always there!

:heart: Really hella awesome people :heart:

:iconarven92: :iconmickkeh: :iconwhitefoxcub:

Mothosaurs; an Original Closed Species created by BeingOfNature.


  • Mothosaurs, Mothos for short, are a closed species meaning that you have to have permission from me to create and use them.

  • Please credit me for the original design/species if you ever make fanart of your character, or whenever you first use them (gotta spread that Mothosaur love right?!)

  • Re-selling is A-Okay! Please don’t resell for more than you originally bought your Motho for, that’s not entirely fair. :’c

  • Trading is A-Okay! Please remember to notify me of the new owner for your Motho, for tracking and Masterlist purposes!

  • No tracing is allowed.

  • No bargaining or haggling; if you can’t afford one, wait for an event where you can get one for a reduced price!

  • Gifting is A-Okay!

  • I reserve the right to remove/change anything about Mothosaurs and their rules. Thank you.

Masterlist {group coming soon!}

Lifespan: 10-15 years average.

Diet: Leaves, small insects, dust motes.

Crepuscular (comes out at twilight).

A Mothosaur is a miniature lizard-like creature that most commonly resembles a cross between a gecko and a moth. They can be as small as your little finger to as big as your hand. There are no differences in appearance and behavior between a male and female. They like to live in warmer climates and have been known to sleep in leaf piles, logs, and other small nooks and crannies.

They are mostly quiet, using head bobs, tail waves and body posturing to communicate. They can make a high pitched sound when attempting to ward off predators. Mothosaurs will usually band together in groups of at least 4, sharing nest space and snuggling together when they go to sleep. You need only feed them for a few days to befriend them and then you’ll have a great, squishy snuggle friend for life!

They don’t have teeth, but a strong jaw and tongue helps them to mush up food before swallowing. Possessing a Jacobson’s organ, they use it to find their nest and friends and family, as well as to sense for a predator. They are quadrupedal, and have the ability to fly for short distances. However, if their wings get wet, they can’t fly. They can run fast and can climb most surfaces.

They have an intense attraction to lights and fire; years of trial and error have taught them that lights are ok to touch, but fire is bad! Instead of lying on the fire like they do to lights, they’ll lie close to the fire in order to feel it’s warmth. To survive in colder seasons and climates, they store excess fats in their tails.

It is unusual for Mothosaurs to have fur on their body, apart from their neck collar or if they have the fluffy tail mutation, but that rarely occurs. Other ‘mutations’, such as feelers and horns, are also extremely rare, but can occur. All Mothosaurs possess: a pair of wings, 4 limbs, a tail and a fluffy neck collar. Additionally they may have antennas and a visible tongue. Recently, Mothosaurs have been seen wearing small scraps of cloth as scarves, hats and the like, as well as having hair clips and other varying accessories.


How do I get a Mothosaur?

Mothosaurs, being a closed species, are not available for people to simply make their own. They can be acquired via:

  • Buying a custom;

    • Customs are Mothosaur designs that I make under your direction.

      • You have to send me a list of traits that you want, any particular markings or colors and any accessories.

      • I will then send you a sketch mock up of your design, along with a potential color palette if you’ve allowed me to pick my own colors. This is the only time where tweaks for the design can be made. No further changes can be made after this point!

      • Send me payment for your custom; I accept Paypal and other forms of payment, see below for details!

      • Once payment has been confirmed I will line and color your Mothosaur and give them to you. Be sure to give them a name so I can pop them on the Masterlist and credit me when you first use them/get art for them!

  • Buying a Premade from a batch;

    • Already completed designs, you just buy them and there you have it! Small tweaks (such as additional accessories, slight color changes ect) are acceptable, but no massive changes in color, additional mutations or trait changes. Their descriptions should tell you everything you need to know about them.

    • Premades may also be won in raffles, giveaways and the like.

  • Trading with someone;

    • I don’t mind you trading away your Mothosaur, but please keep me informed on where they go for Masterlist purposes, thank you!

  • MYO slots;

    • ‘Make Your Own’ Mothosaur! This is when you get to actually art your little friend yourself. Once you pay, you are free to design your own Mothosaur. Please send me a sketch to double check if your design is viable and is in line with the species. Once I give the go ahead, you may finish your design and do whatever you please with them! Happy days!

  • Raffles, giveaways, other such events;

    • What it says on the tin: premades and MYO slots will be available during such events. Keep your eyes peeled on my journals for such a thing!

How much do they cost?//What currency do you take for them?

I accept the following as a form of payment:

  • USD (paid via Paypal).

  • Premium currency on petsites (in order of preference): Flight Rising Gems, Chicken Smoothie Chicken Dollars and Furvilla FurDollars.

  • Art trades (I shall be extremely picky with these!).

Buying more than 1 Mothosaur at a time can get you discounts.

$1 =16 ChickenDollars = 100 Gems = 100 FurDollars
Premades cost $7 but can be higher.
Customs cost $15.

I don’t have any money, will you accept XYZ?//These cost too much!!

I will not accept anything that is not listed above, sorry (although that may be subject to change if I find another pet site that I like, but that’s highly unlikely). My pricing has been checked with quite a few chats, and there is always raffles and the like to get your Mothos!

I got a Motho but I don’t like the design, can you change/redesign it for me?//Do you do refunds?

Nope! Each Mothos is created with dorky love and loads of bleps, I couldn’t possibly change them! However, feel free to trade them or sell them for the same price that you bought them for and then buy yourself a custom or MYO slot! No refunds, sorry!

Can I make a similar species design?

As long as you’re not tracing or rehashing the same idea in your own style, then that’s fine! If you’re not sure, feel free to hit me up, I don’t bite.

Can we partner up?//Can I draw Mothos for people and give you a share of the profits?

No sorry. I prefer to know who goes where and if a theme has already been chosen so as to not rehash it again by mistake.

Can I have a different body part design based on XYZ?

Speak to me about it first- if I think it fits in with the species I may make the trait and add it to the trait list.

Can I draw them/get art of them in different styles (anthro ect)?

Sure you can! Just make sure to credit me as the species owner, and of course the wonderful artist that made that piece for you! Have fun!

  • Listening to: GTLive
  • Reading: Ubel Blatt
  • Watching: Whatever on Youtube
  • Playing: Flight Rising
  • Eating: Biscuits
  • Drinking: Fanta


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